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A DBR Political Endorsement!

We are proud to announce only our second political endorsement ever - Bill Lee for
Governor of Delaware
! (Barry Jacobs was our first).

Bill is a Republican, but that's not why we're endorsing him.  We're
pulling for him because he's a Duke grad,  reads this site, and most
importantly, he bought Boswell a beer at the Final Four. That gets our vote
every time!

If his worthy opponent wants to get our endorsement, reading this site and a
case of beer might do it.

We are trying to think of a winning slogan for Bill's campaign, so send us your suggestion and we'll run 'em up
the flagpole and see which ones work. You can also write the campaign directly
at Tell 'em
DBR sent you and let's go Lee! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Also, if you live near Delaware and you see news about Bill
Lee, send us the link. Thanks!