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Battier Vs. Terrence, Coach K Piece, & The Fabulous Peppi Browne Chats

Up in Maryland, they are licking their chops over a crack at Duke, especially
after last season. But Maryland this season runs all through Terrence Morris,
and Terrence is about to run into Shane Battier, who is as fine a defender as
the ACC has seen in a while. The
game within the game should be superb.

Here's a great article on Coach K and his
approach to building a team, and how Duke has bounced back from the draft
It's really very nice.

In other Duke news, there is a chat with the fabulous Peppi Browne scheduled
for Wednesday.

Also, here's a couple of links we didn't see after the UVa game, the
first about how C-well stepped up
, and
the second about OT, baby!