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Travon Bryant Update!

Here's an update on Travon
Bryant and his recruitment.
He reiterates the point that most
recruiting info is garbage. In his case he says up to 40% of what he reads
is not true. Here's
from Iron Mike Sullivan, aka "The Phantom" by other
recruiting analysts.

And speaking of recruiting, it's been awhile since we've checked in on Quotin'
Bob Gibbons, but he's fallen in love with "The Big House."

  • America's Top 20 Seniors
  • "gross injustice."
  • Best Senior Player in Illinois;
  • "unstoppable scorer,"
  • "The House"
  • "the heat?"
  • "owned"
  • "The House"
  • "The House was saved"
  • the odds most definitely favor "The House" as America's
    best high school boys basketball team!