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ACC Roundup

When we saw Justin Gainey at the Glaxo Tourney we tried to get close enough
to tell him how very much we admired him. From his freshman year until now,
Gainey has been about exceeding expectations, intelligence, and passion.
What a great player he's turned out to be. Last
night he shot down Maryland
at the Pork Palace in a last second thriller.
Here's the Baltimore Sun's take.
Here's an
article from the Post
as well. Maryland got almost nothing from their
Here's the Winston paper
, and here's
the N&R as well,
and a
bonus column!
And one more, here's
State said they were going after Steve Blake, and they
did put pressure on him.
Terrence Morris is carrying ah eavy load for
Maryland right now, and the question is can
his teammates help him out?
If so, Maryland could do pretty well this year.

In Chapel Hill, some things never change. We had thought, though, that
Clemson might be able to stay close and pull off the shocker. They
stayed close for a while, but no shocker.
You can't shoot 31% and shock
people. Brendan Haywood continued his strong play of late, and people
should be talking about it by now. He's been a major force since the Indiana
game. Here's
Winston's take
, and the
Here's the
State as well
, and one
from Fayetteville.

Incidentally, as our pal Henry Hirose points out to us, several times UNC-Clemson
was scheduled in Charlotte, rather than Chapel Hill, and apparently Clemson has
won in Charlotte.

In a Chapel Hill related note, Matt Doherty's star continues to rise as Notre
Dame defeated UConn last night.
He's doing a tremendous job.

Barry Jacobs with an article of pet peeves
about statistics, damned
statistics, and lies.