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DBR Haywood Watch!

DBR Haywood Watch
Player Height Rebs Opp
Haywood, UNC 7-0 9 Clemson
Allenspach, Clemson 7-1 5  UNC
Lang, UNC 6-11 3 Clemson
Morris, Md 6-9 12 NCSU
Baxter, Md 6-8 6 NCSU
Inge, NCSU 6-8 9 MD
Peppers, UNC 6-6 13 Clemson

Brendan Haywood continues to improve the bottom line.  He shot 75% from the
floor against Clemson, hit 10 points, and grabbed 9 boards. This in 23 minutes.
He almost hit another double-double, too, so not bad. at all.  And this
time, unlike the Howard game, he did it against some big boys, as Allenspach is
as tall as he is, and Gilmore is just about as wide.  Worth mentioning -
sensational two-way athlete Julius Peppers said that he knew how to motivate
Haywood. Maybe he is on to something, whatever it is.  Something seems to
have changed, and Haywood, who has taken a lot of criticism, deserves praise when he gets it right, which he definitely is.

Note - in his article in the News & Register today, Rob Daniels correctly notes that CNNSI's Haywood watch was first. We didn't realize they were doing it to. Had we known, we would have probably done something else.