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A FITS Salute!

FITS, your bulwark of bile, wishes to offer hearty congratulations to
the Smurfy Blues for their inspired win over the vicious Clemson Tigers.
The deadly inside-duo of Thuggo and Sluggo, in the vacuum tube environs
of the Mausoeum Dome, was a sight to behold.

Say what you want about this year's version of Gut's guys; they may
lack defense, enthusiasm and passion, but with Cota and Newby on the
roster they pack the NCAA's best kicking game!

has heard a lot of dissonant discourse regarding the Heels' new
uniforms. While a number of observers miss the words "North Carolina"
across the front of the jerseys, FITS has learned there's a very
practical reason for the change to the "NC" insignia, hideously ugly as
it may be: it stands for Nolo Contendere.