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And In This Corner...

UNC is taking on Clemson tonight, and as previously noted the streak now is
at 45 (45 straight losses in Chapel Hill). The last time Clemson came close Skip
Wise was still there.

A loss to Clemson would be tough anytime, but this year would be
devastating. The pressure on UNC if they were in the game at the end would
be unimaginable. Clemson isn't supposed to be able to do that, but this is
the ACC, and as you well know, anything can and usually does happen.

In other news, UNC folks are still not dealing with the decline very well, not
least of all Art Chansky,
who lately has been a pit bull of criticism.
Well a dyspeptic Chihuahua maybe. He has some pretty sharp criticisms of
UNC in his latest column, ripping Guthridge, The Carolina Blueline radio show
(incidentally, anyone heard Art on the air lately?), John Kilgo, front row
fatcats, UNC's defense, offense and rebounding, Brendan Haywood, and
almost every aspect of the athletic program.