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Haywood Backlash Begins!

As we pointed out recently, in the last three games, Brendan Haywood is
80% averaging 17 ppg, and 9.3 rebounds per game. His stats are impressive, but
he hasn't played recently against a guy his own size. Playing Howard was like
playing Raleigh's Millbrook, and he missed four shots against, in basketball
terms, midgets. As we pointed out, Louisville played a marvelous game, but big
they ain't.

This article suggests that people
should get off of Haywood's back
. Certainly UNC fans should. He's their guy,
stud or stiff, and they should support him, just like they should support

We've had fun with the Haywood watch, and it would have been unfair to not
note his recent sterling numbers.. However, it would probably be smart to
revisit the argument after he has seen Clemson, NCSU, and Maryland - three
schools with some beef up front. Then we'll have a better idea of where he
stands. There's certainly no question he has the talent to be a dominant