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Congrats To The 'Noles

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles for
winning the national championship in football.
They were pressed, and
responded like champions. A superb performance

An interesting sidebar to this game, though, is how the expansion argument in
the ACC might be subtly altered. The goal, theoretically, is to add more
football power. Apparently if you can't create it, you just import it.
Whatever. But Virginia Tech, which has for years longed to join the ACC,
only to be told that they didn't bring enough to the table, suddenly could bring
a lot more. And Ricky Stokes is going to be an excellent basketball coach.

Can they provide a Florida sized TV audience? No. But they can provide first
rate football, and maintain the ACC's traditional compact size, and, as far as
expansion goes (not far), that's appealing.