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More Spring Recruiting Targets

Kurt O' Neill brings us an
updated list on spring targets for Duke,
including the previously mentioned
Robert Swain, but also Johnny Story of Hampton.  In that cheesy
little thing rival net sites put up at the top with the teaser "just
in," but not enough info so that you can actually see if you're interested
in reading it without clicking on it, surprise - it actually pertains to Duke
and not West Texas International School Of Cattle Technology.  It's a
mention of Duke
watching Andre Sweet
at the Glaxo Tournament.  Sweet, Story, &
Swain - there are headlines in there!

Travon Bryant has pretty
much opened things up
, according to the Fayetteville site. He has talked to
Duke, Arizona, and now Michigan as well. He hasn't scheduled visits but is
considering visits to all three.  He doesn't have his SAT yet. 
There's some other ACC news in here as well.