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ACC Roundup

Tonight is the tip-off of the ACC season, and we say it's about time!
First up is Wake and FSU. Odom
is concerned about their confidence.
Wake is talented, and we're pulling for
them to do well this season, but they can't play the way they played in Hawaii.
Much like Gillen, Odom
says Wake isn't ready.
We'll see. We think they'll both do pretty well.

State has four candidates for their football job, and Dr. Fox has the list
and it's her call. Les Robinson told the N&O that "We're going to make a strong financial commitment not just to
the next head coach, but to his assistants, to the entire football
program." Mike O' Cain might be wondering where that commitment was when he
was in charge.

Speaking of State, the N&R
has a column up about the basketball team's progress
and about the ACC
in general. They're doing a "stock report," and Boozer's stock
is up. There's also a nice bit about how Coach K scheduled this team.

And here's another long column on the ACC's strength,
making an argument that the conference is mediocre.