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Morgan Wooten Considering Retirement?

There is speculation that
Wooten is considering retirement.
We hope not. Yes he's 68, but to the
Basketball Nation, the guy is a living treasure. We hope he stays for at least a
few more years, not because he wins but because of how he wins and how he trains
young men. They always are fundamentally sound, but more importantly, they are
almost always good people.

Here's a list of some of his players, strictly from memory.

  • Danny Ferry
  • Adrian Dantley
  • Kenny Blakeney
  • Kenny Carr
  • Sidney Lowe
  • Derreck Whittenburg
  • Hawkeye Whitney
  • Joe Forte

There are dozens more. Among his accomplishments: DeMatha was the only high school team to defeat Lew Alcindor's Power Memorial.