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Henry Pye & JR's Girlfriend

Our original plan was to wait and assemble a number of letters about UNC
stories, but Henry's was pretty cool so we figured we should run this one
now...Thanks Henry! Incidentally, for those of you who may have been at the
"Green Shorts" game, Henry was the kid in the green shorts.

Quick Note - given that I believe that this is one of Coach K's greatest
seasons: During the early Coach K years Tom Butters received hundreds of
letters demanding Coach K's head. Tom Butters, believing in his Coach,
simply filed them away, but he kept them...

Years later, when it became clear even to the stupid that Coach K was a
tremendous Coach, Mr. Butters used to periodically respond to a couple of
letters asking the alumnus if he/she still wanted Coach K fired.

Rumor has it that those files still exist.

UNC Memories:


Throwing kisses and hugs from the BOG section to Kevin Salvadori... The look
of utter confusion on his face was priceless.

He also gave us some recognition in a post game interview when he admitted
be flustered occasionally by what he "hoped" was the creativeness of the
students near the Carolina bench.


Being chased through the BOG section by JR Reid's girlfriend... who was then
escorted from the building by Officer Shipman and Mitchell.

Before you ask, Why was Henry running. For those who have not met me, I am
neither small nor (in my opinion) a coward. But this girl was built like
her boyfriend and seemed unlikely to fight like a gentleman (what would you
expect from the girlfriend of a guy who took out AC Green's teeth and then
called him a "bible-thumping brother?" DBR)

If anyone wants to know why she was chasing me... she had been torturing a
rather small RA in the buffer zone. Since she took her seat, she had been
wildly proclaiming that she was JR's girl and that JR gave her this seat.
However, shortly before halftime, she began to harass this RA.. Pointing a
finger repeatedly in his chest she screamed, "F.. you, small man, F.. you,
F.. you, F... you"

Seeing a fellow student in need, I leaned over and commented in the middle
of these "F.. you"s and remarked, "yes, you have told us repeatedly why JR
gave you these seats." I then ran for my life...

Watching a couple of live chickens released from the student section, who
amazingly fluttered and fell directly towards Tom D'Armi (spelling) and Dick
Vitale, who were shocked by the feather attack.