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Wake Loses 4th Time In 5 Games

In Winston-Salem today, UVa
overcame a game but struggling Wake Forest 76-67.
Wake has now lost four of
the last five games and while UNC has probably moved off the bubble, Wake has
moved on it. As we said recently, if UNC beats Duke, they next face Clemson and
after losing four in a row would then have won four in a row.

If Duke wins, they go to 8-0, and the only road trips left are to Tech,
State and Clemson.

That means that if they won their home games and lost all three road games,
they'd still finish first no matter what happened. Under that scenario, they'd
have beaten UVa twice, and at least split with State and UNC.

So aside from the usual excitement, this Duke-UNC game has interesting
consequences for the race no matter who wins it.