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Pay For Play Update!

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| Ferry | Hill
| Laettner
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Three ACC guys - Maggette Shoots Over
Laettner While Recent UNC grad Jerry Stackhouse Watches
(photo linked from Detroit News)

In a meeting of former Dukies, Grant
Hill and Christian Laettner defeated Corey Maggette's Orlando (not so) Magic
G. Hill went nuts, hitting 42.

In some other news, William Avery is finally getting some time
at 7.4 minutes per game, which is way up from the zip time he got early. He's
averaging 1.8. It's too early to call him a bust, but it's safe to say a first
round draft pick should be scoring more than 1.8, and it's certainly safe to say
someone will eventually take his job if that doesn't increase.

A quick glance at the standings: The Pistons are over .500 at
16-14, Orlando is at 15-16 and lost 5 straight, the Timberwolves are at 13-14,
Cleveland is at 12-18, Atlanta s at 11-18, and the Grizzlies are grizzly at 6
-23. But that's not nearly as grizzly as Elton's brand of Miserabulls, as
Chicago is on pace for an all-time suck at 2-26. The inversion of
Elton's last record at Duke, at 2-37, is a distinct possibility.