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From The Mailbag!

Sometimes when you live close to something, you don't realize how it
affects people who aren't intimate with the object of your affection. In this
case, we're referring to Cameron. Here's e-mail from someone who got to got to
the William & Mary game, and how much it meant to go for the first time.

Hey DBR,

You guys really are great, but that isn't the only reason that I am
writing to you. I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday, and though I
have told it to many, not many would understand it like you will.

My christmas present from my Brother was that he was taking me, my
nephew, and a friend to a Duke game. Now being a die-hard Duke fan, i really
couldn't believe that this was going to happen. I have seen Duke once a few
years ago in the first and second rounds of the Ncaa in Charlotte, but that
didn't count, it wasn't Cameron.

So we left WV on saturday afternoon for Durham. I could hardly sleep on
saturday night. I just wanted to get there. So the time finally got there
for us to go and I walked into the building and the first thing I saw were
the trophies. They were honestly one of the most beautiful things that I
have ever seen. then we realized that our seats were on the lower levels.
So we couldn't wait to get in there and see where they were.

As I walked towards the door I caught a glimpse of Nick Horvath, and
realized that, yes indeed, I had made it. As I walked in the first thing I
saw inside was the championship banners. I cannot describe the emotion that
went through me. So I knew from tv that the retired jerseys were behind me.
I quickly turned around and looked at them. Again i got chills and an
undescribable feeling. we made our way to the seats and they were
incredible. I would have loved to have more of the students there, but I am
grateful that they weren't because i probably would not have had those seats.

I just wanted to soak it all in. I saw chris carawell warming up and then
I noticed Wojo standing there looking very mature and official. I have
always been a huge wojo fan so that was another great moment.

So the star bangled banner was being played and I have to admit I was not
paying attention or looking at the flag. I could not take my eyes off of
those banners. My dream had been realized, I was actually there. And it
didn't matter that it wasn't a good team playing them. It doesn't matter
that the crowd wasn't as fired up as they are for bigger games. I was there
and will never forget that ever!!

And I read you all's summary on the game and I was sitting near those two
guys from william and mary. They were a scream!!! I loved it when the
students got on them. There were so many I noticed during that game that I
never get to see on tv. I love it when Jason is defending someone and he has
either a smile or a smirk on his face, like as to say, "just who do you think
you are!". I never realized that Nick Horvath was so huge!! And i had
always heard about the heat in there, but realized that that was definately
true. But it was perfect!!

So I just wanted to let you know about my weekend. I love your site and
appreciate all the information that you supply. Like I said before, I knew
that you all would truly understand what I experienced. It was very simply
one of the greatest moments in my life. Again, thank you for the Duke
Basketball Report and keep up the good work.

Jamie Bickerton