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ACC Roundup

One of the things we've certainly followed at UNC this season is the
development of Julius "Sergeant" Peppers. He's a pretty amazing
player. Art Chansky has an
interesting piece
up on him. Even for non-UNC fans he's fun to watch.
He's also candid. Check out his quote in the N&R story: "When
you've got a 7 footer and their tallest man is 6-5, it's nothing to score in the

Here's the UNC-Howard
story from the N&O,
by the way.

Maryland rolled on,
blowing out Coastal Carolina
Here's the Post on the mighty Chanticleer game

won, but hardly rolled
. What a weird team.

Fox has some
picks out for the early conference games
around the country, and picks Duke
to lose to Maryland, and UNC to beat State.