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ACC Roundup

Tee Pruitt is off on what may prove to be a quixotic pursuit,
namely pushing the old
fogies and Fat Cats out of their baby blue seats
and squeezing some students
(and therefore some life) down near the action. Maurice Koury, who gave a lot of
money to the facility, says that he has as much enthusiasm as anyone, and he
isn't budging, and he doesn't know one single person who is willing to move to
bring a student closer.

It was a problem kind of built in to the place, with the written
agreements, so it'll have to be a voluntary arrangement. And
Baddour isn't buying it
: "Changing the seating is not an option. That building was built with pretty hard commitments and promises to people who supported us. I am standing firm."
This article has some fascinating quotes, including a comment by a UNC student
who knows his place all too well.

Maybe the only person in the gym with a better seat than the Fat
Cats is Michael Brooker, and he's
kind of sick of his,
so maybe if Gut played him, he could move Maurice down
to the bench and put a student in Maurice's seat. Hey, you have to think of the
angles in a conundrum like this.

they're busing to Tech
, so the issue is moot this weekend. It's
a dark time for some
as Bobby Cremins
is getting some heat
- including an internet petition - but his AD says it's
Bobby's decision to stay or go, and that "you don't treat people that

Marshall Williams is being touted as the
replacement for Adam Harrington
- and with defense, too, but do you think
Tech would have liked to have had Harrington at Clemson? I couldn't have hurt. Not
against Arizona State though
- Eddie House would have killed Harrington.
Grundy and Williams will have their hands full.