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Tigers Pause In Durham

a Badass
The Man
Rachel Cohen

Clemson had a big upset of State earlier in the week, of course,
and while the emotion was sky high, playing Duke in Cameron is a bit more

On the other hand, the last time Clemson was thought to be this
bad they came to Cameron, beat Duke in a stunning upset by running most of the
team through Iturbe - was his first name Iktar? - and afterwards Duke spun off
the tracks.

Now of course, they'd stick either Carrawell or Battier on
Iturbe, break the center of the offense, and that game would have ended at
halftime.  Big difference between now and then.

But not as big a difference in Clemson. True, they have had a
miserable season thus far, losing to everyone but Slippery Rock, but they have a
superior player in Will Solomon, an adequate big man in Adam Allenspach, and the
best damn Lithuanian in the ACC, which is our way of saying hell no we can't
spell his name.  Best foreign name since Jesse's Cabbages of Maryland fame.

Shyatt's had a tough time at Clemson thus far. Highly popular,
the former Barnes assistant had a disappointing year last year, though in
retrospect, playing in the NIT finals looks pretty good. But he's a tough guy,
and pugnacious. He once got Larry Bird so mad, when Bird was at Indiana State,
that he came looking for th 5-7 assistant in the locker room, and it wasn't to
shake his hand.

Anyway, while Duke obviously has most of the advantages, and is
well rested, Clemson is probably as happy as they've been all season.  We
don't predict wins, but as with all ACC games, we expect a tussle.

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