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Duke's Streak Vs. State's

Here's another Streak article, this one saying that Duke's
streak isn't as meaningful as State's
because the competition isn't as good.
In that case, the other schools should call and apologize for sucking. But
there's another difference which should be mentioned.

In the heat and fire over David Thompson's recruitment, State
ended up on probation and was banned from post-season play in 1973. They
went 27-0 that year and obviously won the ACC. They went undefeated in
conference the next season and only lost one game (to UCLA, early). So
State broke the rules - which is beyond question - and to us, that taints their
winning streak. Nothing will diminish our affection or respect for David
Thompson, but we prefer Duke's streak to State's. That it's been done with
very different teams is also significant.