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Reader Insight On Road Games!

Frank Murray sent us this note on ACC teams and road games. Thanks Frank!


The cold weather has left me sick and (more or less) confined to my nice
warm dorm, so when I saw that mention of ACC road wins being rare, I
decided to check it out. Here's what I found:\

  • 28 ACC games played as of January 27
  • 9 road wins (32%)
  • Duke has 4 of those wins
  • thus, if you remove Duke, you have 5 road wins out of 22 games (23%)
  • of the other five, we have 2 by Wake, 2 by FSU, and one by UVA
  • only Duke and NCSU are undefeated at home (both overall and in the ACC)
  • NCSU is the only team to be perfect at home and winless on the road in
    the ACC

If you consider that the ACC is very competitive this year--with the
exception of Duke, who has so far been slightly better, and Clemson, who
has so far been worse, last night's result notwithstanding--then further
analysis reveals some things

1) UNC has only lost one home game in the ACC, so they've only been
upset once, in all fairness

2) Of Clemson's five ACC losses, three were on the road and a fourth
was to UVA, currently 2nd in the standings, which indicates they aren't
as bad as some thought

3) Nothing significant to this, but both UVa and Wake have lost to #1
(Duke) at home and beaten #9 (Clemson) on the road

the actual games, btw, are FSU@WF, DU@UVA, DU@MD, WF@CU, UVA@CU,

Hope you and your readers find this interesting and informative. Thanks
and keep up the good work!

Frank Murray aka "Blue Wolf"

NCSU (which of course stands for North Carolina, Snowed Under)

Raleigh, NC

P.S. For those enquiring--or confused--minds, Blue Wolf indicates that I
am a proud fan of both Duke and State (not to mention currently a
student at the latter).