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Time For New DBR Hats!

This is what the hats look like!

A number of you have written asking where you can get your own DBR hat. 
Well it's time!

If you want a DBR hat, all you have to do is send
Buddy Womble 15.00 dollars, and he'll take care of it.

It'll take 6-7 weeks, and orders have to be in by February 17th. Make your
check out to Buddy Womble, and send it to PO Box 255, Underhill Center, Vermont 05490. 
This was Buddy's idea originally, and it was pretty swell of him to volunteer to
do it.  Needless to say, as a volunteer, we don't hold him to a strict
timetable.  We should also mention that he does it for cost. 

This is the third batch of hats, and we're pretty psyched to
send them out again.