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Cameron is A'Changin' - Your View?

As Greg Doyel of the Charlotte Observer noted in a recent article, Coach K has acknowledged that Duke is taking a look at a number of possible options in renovating Cameron Indoor Stadium. Coach K, who has termed Cameron "the Holy Grail" and his job as merely the "temporary protector of the Holy Grail," insists that its character and uniqueness will not change but states that some structural changes likely will happen.

We've heard about a few different options and areas that are being looked at and know that Duke has contacted some of the best architectural firms in the country to evaluate Cameron (of course, asking an architectural firm if changes should be made is, to paraphrase Warren Buffet on investment bankers, like asking an interior designer if you should buy that $10,000 rug). A few of the ideas we've heard kicked around are:

- Expanding the ticket office lobby, perhaps by adding a three-story structure to that side of Cameron. The first floor would be the expanded lobby. The second floor could be an expanded area of the Vic Bubas Concourse with a Duke store, a food court, maybe a "Starbucks"-type facility (please, no sushi shops in Cameron), and rest rooms. The third floor, being where the closed windows are behind the retired jerseys, could include a VIP suite and skyboxes (in other words, entrance to regular sitting in the upper level would be a walk down the stairs).

- Skyboxes in the upper four corners of Cameron.

- Some rearrangement of where the TV and radio announcers sit. That side of Cameron gives the fire marshal some concern. Unlike the opposite side which now has better emergency exit with the new concourse expansion, the scorer's table side of Cameron gives the fire marshal some concern.

- Some small risers for the non-student seats behind the baskets for the Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee types among the Duke boosters.

- Taking the banners, other than the retired jerseys and the national championship banners, out of Cameron and putting them in the Bubas Concourse.

- Air-conditioning (a done deal). Remember, air-conditioning also allows heating for those unsufferably cold practices during the winter (like today).

- Air-conditioning also means that the roof has to be strengthened. Should the roof be raised in the process?

- Scaling ticket prices by location. In other words, center court seats would cost more than corner seats. Cameron is one of the few public event facilities that does not scale ticket prices.

- Bigger seats, resulting in fewer seats, ain't gonna happen.

Anyway, these are only possibilities and ideas. Nothing has been decided. What we would like to know, however, is what changes you would like at Cameron. This is your chance to speak out and offer your views and perspective. Send them in, and we'll post some of your suggestions so they are duly noted.