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ACC Roundup

We're all settling in around here to the massive amounts of snow. For
instance getting
is impossible. The
basketball teams are adjusting as well.
It'd be nice if the weather
explained Barry Jacobs'
latest chart,
but somehow that seems unlikely.

Snow of course isn't a problem in Tallahassee,
but consistency is.

Here's an article about
the value of walk-on football players.
Next year Duke may have Reggie Love
and Jeremy Battier on the team.

Ben Sherman broke the news about the accident Michael Brooker and Joseph
Forte had.
Here's the N&O followup.
And speaking of UNC-ish things, congratulations
to Mick Mixon! He was named
NC sportscaster of the year
And more UNC - Jason Parker is wintering - and
we do mean wintering, at least this week - at Fork Union, where he is playing
for the F.U. Blue Devils. Nice touch.
Here's the story.

Herb Sendek says free throws are what has made
State a good offensive team.
Funny, we'd have said Grundy and Wilkins more
than anything else.