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Snow, Rice, And Duke-UNC Thursday

There's a lot of this in the Triangle about now...
(photo linked from the N&O - check
out their slide show
, but bear in mind that it kept snowing after
these photos were taken)

What a year it's been in North Carolina for weather. You name it, we've had
it - first a drought, then a 500 year flood. A mild winter with70 degrees a few
days ago, now a
near-catastrophic snow storm. The only thing that surprises us is that no one
has yet asked Carlos Boozer to rate this sucker. He's seen worse in springtime
most likely, but this has been pretty bad by our standards. There were basically blizzard
conditions Monday night, and you couldn't see across the street to a well-lit
parking lot.

That's heavy!

It's kind of hard to explain just how big a storm this was, but in one building
in Raleigh, there is a walkway from the doorway to the parking lot - a little
trench about 10 inches wide and 20-25 inches deep.

It's had an impact
on the ACC, of course - first of all, State's trip to Clemson is really
unfeasible right now, and Maryland is going to have a heck of a time getting to
Chapel Hill. Additionally, since the plan for the Dean Dome requires a lot of
people to park and drive (or walk, depending on whether or not you are willing
to wait for the bus), and since a lot of fans, as Jim Heavner
explained/condoned a while back, drive to Chapel Hill from various points in the
state on game days, all the way around it's liable to be a small crowd.

importantly to Duke fans, the UNC women's team will make the trip over to
Cameron on Thursday. Nikki Teasley has begun practicing with the team
again, after some time away, but who knows if she will play or not.

fans, especially Duke students, it's a great chance to go spend some time in
Cameron and cheer your team, we hope, to a UNC butt whooping! Come on out
and support the women. They're having a brilliant season and it would be cool
for them to see a full house right after a blizzard. Pack the place!

Also, don't forget that Lauren Rice
will be chatting on GoDuke tomorrow
at 2:30. Ask a smart question!