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More Afternoon ACC Links

Ok, a couple of more links. First,
Dave Odom is depressed.
He's upset because Duke seems to have pulled away
from the rest of the conference. This is what he told ACC Today: “It’s almost like we’re (ACC schools) sitting back and waiting for Duke to be bad, and we’re not attacking
Duke. We’re not attacking the level where they are on the surface -- I mean I know we are -- but on the surface we’re not attacking it. We’re not going after them in the way I think the ACC has done for years and years. To me that’s depressing.”

It's vaguely reminiscent of the time Lefty, at a coaches meeting, waited for
Dean to leave the room and told the other ACC coaches, "we gotta get that

if UNC was expecting any pity from Maryland,
they can forget that. Gary's
going to beat them like a brass drum if he gets the chance.