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Some Afternoon ACC Links

The Post has a nice feature up on Maryland's
rookie point guard Steve Blake.
We weren't too high on him at first, but
having seen him, we believe. He's a nice player. In fact, while he's not as
talented as Steve Francis, he could potentially take his team further because
he's not a punk. Francis spent too much time worrying about other things
(like taunting the Duke crowd); Blake is just going to play the game and do his
best to make the right play at the right time.

Here's the Post again with a nice article on the
UVa win over Virginia Tech
. Worth mentioning - next year, when Duke,
State, Virginia, Maryland, Wake, and possibly UNC are all potentially Top 25
teams, the suggestion that the ACC is down will go away. Clemson will be
significantly better, and FSU might be too. Hard to tell with Tech, but if
they get a new coach in as has been suggested, say a Calipari, Pitino, or Bill
Self from Tulsa,
they might surprise.