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ACC Roundup

Ricky Stokes took his Tech team back to his alma mater last night and gave
them a heck of a game, falling
in OT.
  People who have been around the ACC for awhile know that Stokes
has long been fingered as a potentially great coach. We hope he makes it big. Apparently
it was a great game.

Ron Kelley has been eating his Wheaties. Well, that and lifting weights. No
matter how you look at it, he has become a Beast lately,
completely changing his game
.  Tim Wells hasn't
had the same kind of season, unfortunately.

Chip Alexander's "Rimshots" column is one we can usually do
without, but he says Heels fans should
lay off Gut and we agree.
UNC, as you probably know, has fallen out of the
Top 25 for the first time since, oh, 1947, and their road to the Final Four, in
that abysmal CBS phrase,
is narrowing.
If they want to get back on track, their fans need to support
the team. Some people are having
a hard time
with what's going on, and would
rather not think about it.
  The idea that there is a
changing of the guard has caught on.
  Even Barry Jacobs says that,
while most of us always expected UNC to be there, like sunrise and taxes, a
way of life may be coming to an end.
  Next up for the Heels is a quick
Maryland team, and Terence
Morris says he's ready to go.
after having an ankle injury.