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A Md-UNC Preview & UVa Prevails

Here's a
quick preview of UNC-Maryland, Wednesday's crucial game.
We'll be watching,
you should be too! This could be one of the best games of the year, because
whoever loses is in very serious trouble, and whoever wins is in position to
turn their season around. A small death on the one hand, a resurrection on
the other. Who will rise? On such questions seasons rise and fall.

Fortunately for UNC,
both Lang and Cota
are expected to play.

In another piece of ACC news, UVa
knocked off their great rival, Virginia Tech,
in overtime. To the rest of
the ACC, this is meaningless, but much like Clemson-South Carolina, or Georgia
Tech and Georgia, it's a very bitter, very intense rivalry. Winning this
game means something to UVa, and while they might rather knock of Duke or UNC,
beating VPI goes as far to establishing a successful season for them as any
non-conference rivalry game could. This is a big win for Virginia,
considerably bigger than it appears from distant states and newspapers.
Losing to Tech is a major failure, and vice-versa.