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Roy Goes Thermal, Nukes Fans

The fallout from Mizzou's crushing of Kansas - and perhaps the frustration
over a bonehead like Lester Earl - continues. 
Check out this article and the slam on Kansas
- " The Jayhawks are not improving. While their record is impressive -- they're 15-3
overall and 4-1 in the conference -- their on-court performance is not. The Kansas team I saw Saturday looked just like the team I saw against Michigan State -- disorganized, uncomfortable and soft.


To make it even more interesting, Roy Williams teed
off on the Kansas fans in a big way.

"This place should never be described as a wine-and-cheese
crowd, and that's what it sounded like out there tonight. If you don't want to cheer for us, keep your big (backsides) at home." 

Ouch again!  Wine and cheese crowd? From Roy Williams? About the Kansas crowd?
What would he say about Chapel Hill?

To make it even more interesting, he told the fans they could take a

"I don't care how many fans write letters, because I'm going to throw the suckers in the trash can. I'm not going to read them. That was a sorry excuse for a home crowd out there. I'm going to fight for those kids."

Hmmm.....what to make of this..did the loss to Missouri  and Dukie Quin
Snyder get under his skin that much?  Is Roy laying the groundwork for a
fast break back to snowy Chapel Hill?

For the answers to these and more questions, tune in next time to AS THE