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From The Mailbag!

We got this from Christopher. Thanks Christopher!

The Sportserver UNC-Maryland story you link to today says I quote:
"Looking on the bright side for the Tar Heels, the 1991-92 squad that lost
four in a row went on to win the ACC title and earned a trip to the Final
Four. "

However, as far as I remember Duke won the ACC regular season outright in
'92 and then beat UNC by 20 for the ACC Tournament title. Charlie Board's
site confirms this. I don't remember UNC going to the Final Four that year
either. Maybe the Sportserver writer was thinking of the '91 Carolina team.

I mention this to you because the Sportserver article lists neither a
writer byline nor a feedback email address and I personally think this is
very unprofessional journalism. I'm not saying you shouldn't ever link to
them again but this stuff needs to be called on.