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Women Chop 'Noles!

women's team beat FSU
in a taut, well-fought game in Tallahassee last night,
59-54. They are now a sensational 17-2. Good googeldy goo! Who'd a thunk

One of the key elements in their success has been Lauren "I catch like
Jerry" Rice. She has a pretty sophisticated game and we like watching
her play. She almost blew this game, but then she came back and made the play
that let them win, plus she plays a lot of time with this hypnotic little smile that's
just really interesting. She seems to be enjoying herself, and that's what
basketball should be about because it's an easy game to enjoy if you play it
correctly. We mention her specifically because she
is scheduled to chat on GoDuke
on Wednesday at 2:30, and she'll probably
have something interesting to say.