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Afternoon ACC Reading

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Holden has really picked it up
since the start of the season. Not
satisfied with having a good player, Captain Ahab, aka Gary Williams, threw this
in as well: "I think because (Tahj) was president of his senior class, people equate that with not being
tough. Just because he didn't go to Duke doesn't mean we can't have a smart guy whose a good basketball player, too."

a piece also on State's progress
. Everyone is fairly happy, but State
so far has played 16 games - and 12 of them were at home. They've won 13
overall, losing at Duke, UNC, and Tulane. It's a schedule designed to build
confidence, and it seems to have worked, but the road will tell the tale for
State. Being back in the Top 25 is great for State and good for the
conference - and
they must relish being there while UNC has fallen out.

Pete Gillen has things headed
in the right direction
(quick fantasy - imagine Ralph Sampson in the middle
on this team), and Hoo fans should be excited. There's more about Duke at
the bottom.