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Some Predictions For This Week

This is a  key week of games coming up. Virginia has a big matchup with traditional
rival Virginia Tech, coached now by Ricky Stokes.  It's a game Virginia
needs to win, because it will help their bottom line come Tourney time.

On Wednesday, UNC and Maryland square off in the Dean Dome.  The winner
climbs to .500; the loser falls towards the cellar at 2-4 There is a huge amount
of pressure on UNC, and Maryland seems to have rediscovered their game in recent
days.  . Right now, Maryland's strengths are largely
weaknesses for UNC. Nonetheless, as Brendan Haywood said, this game is a pride
game. We'll take UNC, because there is a lot of pride on the line.  

State goes to Clemson for the chance to go to 5-2, and they almost certainly
will. If Clemson won it would be a huge upset, given State's tremendous defense.
Since Clemson has lost to Appalachian State, Winthrop, and S.C. State, don't
hold your breath.

The other very key game is FSU at UVa. Both schools are tied at 3-2. So the
winner will end up in 3rd place, for now. We have a lot of respect for FSU and
Steve Robinson, but the talent's not there. It is at UVa, and we expect them to
win and continue their ascent.

Thursday brings Wake at Tech.  Unless they really catch fire, Tech's
NCAA chances, at 9-8,  are slim.  Wake is pushing it. They need to win
this one to get back on the right track. We say they will do it.

If we're right, then here's what you look at.  As always, numbers aren't
our strong point, so let us know if we screwed up.

What We Think The ACC Will Look Like
After Wednesday 
Duke           6-0
NCSU        5-2
UVa           4-2
FSU            3-3
UNC          3-3
Wake          3-4
Tech           2-4
Md            2-4
Clemson     0-6


For UNC, the Maryland game is kind of key. They play at Tech after that, then
Duke at home, then at Clemson.  Duke-UNC is always a tossup, and they
should - at the least - split the southern trips.  If they beat Maryland,
it's very possible they could go on a 4 game winning streak, which would put
them at 6-3 in the conference,  which is respectable certainly, 15-8 overall - and
probably off the bubble.

We'll revisit this after Wednesday to see where we screwed up.