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Dunleavy's Interview - Very Interesting

Mike Dunleavy was on WXDU last night, and he had a lot of interesting things
to say. Of particular interest to us were some kind words for this site.
He said "I've actually seen [DBR] a couple of times...In depth and very
detailed...keep it up."

That'll keep us going for a while! Thanks

He also talked about a number of other things, including the downside of
the NBA (it's really're on the road all the want to
enjoy college) and whether or not he sees himself as an early entry
guy (he said Shane and he had talked about it and they both thought they were
four year guys, and better to enjoy college, that it was a special time in

We found ourselves wondering what it would be like if your dad was an
NBA coach. You certainly wouldn't see him much during the season, which
could be a downer.

He also cracked on the timekeeper a bit after that quick .8
putback State got (I don't want to go off on our timekeeper, but he needs to develop a
quicker release), and when asked about Justin Gainey's cocky comments, said
that Duke would answer on the court. Some joker e-mailed and asked who the
biggest punk he had played against was. He finessed it admirably.

asked an amazing question about if the Jesuits, being the "most
militant" sect, had prepared him for the militaristic approach at
Duke. That one seemed to take him aback a bit.

He also had some very
kind words for Bill Guthridge, calling him a very good man and a very good
coach. He also said he was sure UNC would turn it around.

Interestingly, he
also said that from all the players he has played with (remember he has hung out
with Magic Johnson), the player he has learned the most from is Shane Battier,
and he said that this team is extremely tight, and the upperclassmen had worked
hard to make the rookies feel welcome and included.

All in all, a fine
interview by the guys at WXDU.