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The FITSter Strikes!

Your airborn ambassador of athletic acrimony took a little buzz over to
Chapel Hill on Saturday ("Warning: You are entering a QUIET zone!") to
watch the nation's only team with five McDonald's All American starters.
attempted to meet up with his cousin from Upside The Head Carolina,
but was regrettably informed that said cousin was recently found
immobile, on the living room ceiling (close to the TV), unwilling to
take nourishment.

As Saturday's debacle unfolded for the fair weather locals, FITS began
to hear a growing noise (how unusual!) within the Mausoleum Dome: FITS
quickly deduced that Boog Powell was in the house, as the thunderous
booing-type sounds most surely could not have been sounds of displeasure
aimed at the boys in blue! Only the vile Dukies could do such a thing!

loves to hear the Tarheel fans talk about what a wonderful job
Coach Gut does in developing big men, though into what is becoming a
realistic question.

Speaking of the vertical cadaver, Coach must've been impressed to hear
Brendan Haywood say he doesn't care about the fans, adding one more item
to the list of things he doesn't care about, including passion,
rebounding, maturity, and on-court demeanor.

To be fair, the Heels did miss Ed Cota yesterday, particularly in the
kicking game...

Though FITS may take the occasional shot at his friends in smurf blue,
in all fairness he will point out that literally hundreds of ardent UNC
fans have called Gut in the last few weeks offering to help him move.
Now THAT's community spirit!

p.s. FITS hears that Lost Art's official Coach In Waiting was mauled by
a Tiger in Missouri yesterday, and Quin Snyder is evidently to blame.
Get well soon, coach!