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ACC Roundup

The pressure is building as UNC as
the losses mount.
Brad Daugherty called the FSU loss "monumental"
- on television, no less.  The fans in the Dean Dome - the ones who are
awake anyway - are
booing the team
.  Maybe they'll start winning again and everyone can go
back to sleep and be happy. 

is a very unhappy time
in Chapel Hill.  Cota and Lang are both
questionable for the Maryland game, and Lang was
given IV fluids after the game
.  Tough breaks.  But not nearly as
tough as what happened to Matt Krull.  The UNC lacrosse player lost
a fight with cancer
yesterday. We're pretty sure his family could care less
about basketball, and his coaches and teammates would probably trade every
victory they ever had if he could have lived. Sadly, he didn't make it. 
Our condolences to his family and the UNC lacrosse family.  Basketball is
important, but everyone woke up this morning, even if Lang and Cota were

Here's the take from
Down South.
It's nice to see Steve Ellis write a column without complaining
about the officiating.  And here's an
article by Steve Elling,
formerly UNC beat writer for the N&O, which is
notable for two things: 1) the photo of Justin Mott getting some serious hang
time in celebration, and 2) the suggestion by Elling that the Dean Dome is
"one of the toughest" venues in college hoopdom. No. The team has been
one of the toughest. The arena, as Rico Hines said, is not that big of a deal,
unless Duke or State shows up.

State continues to win, the latest win coming
at the expense of Georgia Tech
.  Here's
more from the N&R.
  State seems to have
learned some lessons
.  State is also undefeated
in the ESA
, so if that streak and Duke's streak make it to the same
intersection, something's got to give. Tech seems to be improving but
then they slide back.

In Maryland, the Terps - surprise, surprise - shot
down the Tigers.
They played without
Terence Morris
, as if it mattered.  They still rolled. Next up a visit
to Chapel Hill to take on an increasingly desperate Tar Heel team.  Don't
count on Terence not dressing for that one. The tradition in the ACC is to kick
teams - hard - when they're down.  Clemson is getting kicked around a lot,
and a lot of teams are looking forward to kicking UNC as well. 

Danny Miller still thinks Maryland can win the ACC.  "I don't think it is a race for second,"
he told the Post. "Duke is going to get their losses."

Clemson is suffering, down to seven players after
one of their many Europlayers left.
Fortunately, he wasn't there long enough
to make us spell his name and damned if we're going to try now. Steve
Blake shut down Will Solomon,
which is impressive.  We like this kid
more and more.