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More On The Streak

Here are several articles about Duke's streak. Only
a handful of Devils
were on the team when Duke last lost an ACC game, and
current assistant Wojo was an assistant. There was a time, not too long
ago, when Wake was cocky, and Clemson, and UNC still is, problems or no
But that's a long time ago now
, in college hoops time, a generation almost.

Of the guys who have been around for the streak, Battier and Carrawell can
claim most of the credit (Nate was injured for part of it). So
props to Battier!

Who knows how long it will last, but when Duke goes to Raleigh, streak or no,
Justin Gainey has all but guaranteed a passionate game from Duke by saying the
following: "I think we're the best team in the league. In that game we beat
ourselves more so than they beat us. Duke played a great game and kept their
poise and composure, but we beat ourselves."

One other thing we should mention: we're a little concerned that some of you
don't know how we link. Here's the key: if it's before or after a game, the link
will go on the preview or the game report. If it's in between
games, we'll put links in a separate article. We'll work on making
it clearer.

For instance, we linked this
great Lenox Rawlings piece on Jason Williams
on the game report we hope you saw.