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Dunleavy On WXDU Tonight!

listen to wxdu
The hip kids at WXDU dropped us a line to let us know that they'll be having
Mike Dunleavy on the big show Sunday night. If you've never listened, it's
pretty fun. It's a lot of fun to be there for the show too, because they have a
good time, take it seriously but not too seriously, and are all good guys.

Mike Dunleavy is one of the more interesting stories on this team, and there
are a lot - Cwell of course, Battier the religion major, Christensen the
missionary, Nate James the Sarge's kid, Boozer the Alaskan - but Dunleavy is the
only guy who will be able to talk about playing against Magic Johnson and just
exactly how big Shaquille O' Neal really is.

Click on the big red X over in the corner and tune in Sunday night at 10.
Call or e-mail (they'll give it out on the show), because Dunleavy is bound to
have some interesting stories.

Aside from all that, if we support this show, it can become the pre-eminent college sports show on the net. It's already pretty good. Let's push some traffic over there!