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ACC Roundup

perception that UNC is vulnerable is definitely out there,
but Jay Bilas
still thinks they can win the ACC. However,
Cota is ill
and if he can't go today or is at less than 100%, even FSU could
be a struggle. They actually match up fairly well - Anderson is a good defensive
center, Hale is tough, and Damous Anderson is athletic.  UNC's advantage is
more in the backcourt, but that's negated somewhat if Cota is limited.  The
pressure is building - Gut says he's gotten
plenty of mail.
  We're hoping for late Christmas cards. However, the perception of slippage is spreading. It's even come up in Dallas

Here's an N&O feature on how
the arena works
and how they switch between events.  They'll have it
ready today for State
and Tech.

Maryland is hoping
for a break,
as things haven't gone their way yet, but they are better than
most of the other teams in the league, so you'd think it would even out
eventually.  Clemson might have a shot today since
Terence Morris is injured,
but then again, this is really not
Clemson's year.