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A Sweet Recruiting Update! has an update on Andre Sweet. Apparently the
Deacs are going after him as well.
We hope Duke signs him, and that Reggie Love walks on, so that someday, God Willing, the announcer at Cameron will call out "Sweet Love on the break!" It's a small dream, but we're humble people.

And speaking of recruiting battles,
ACC Today has an article up about some of the great
ones of the past.
We're surprised they missed two of the more insane
ones - Tom McMillen and Moses Malone. Those were amazing.

Quotin' Bob Gibbons - well Rob Matera, who seems to be doing most of
the legwork lately - has a story up about
the DeMatha Invitational.
And Arthur
Barclay of Camden
is looking at Tech and UVa, among others.