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Relationships Are Such A Pain

An interesting ACC stories worth passing on - State, the Centennial
Authority, and Peter Karmanos of the Hurricanes are
having a disagreement over how to make money off the luxury boxes.
State already gets a nice chunk o' change for box revenue, but they also are
charging for tickets to those games.  Karmanos covered the expenses to
honor the promise that all events would be free, but he's not pleased at all.

The agreement says this: "For each permanent seat in a Private Suite or Party Suite, and for each Basketball Event, N.C. State University agrees that it will sell one (1) Premium Ticket, at Face Value, to the lessee/licensee entitled to use said suite during said Basketball Event." 

But "the  Hurricanes didn't find out about the problem until just before the season began, when NCSU delivered only half of the tickets and demanded full payment before it would provide the
rest, " according to the N&O.

Not a good way to build a relationship.