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ACC Roundup

Clemson is just pathetic. Losing to Big South and Southern Conference
teams is embarrassing. The latest - App State. It's so bad the State
didn't even post a story.
Here's one from Winston-Salem.

Maryland finally broke into the win column, knocking
off Wake at College Park
. Now if they can put a few together, they'll
be fine.
Here's the Post.
For the local angle, here's Greensboro
and Winston.

Jim Pettit of the Fayetteville Observer has been thinking about UNC's
struggles, and he
says it's not Gut's fault.
Other people are pointing the finger
directly at him.
Even follks
in Clemson have heard the buzz.

Ed Cota,
he's just not looking back

Speaking of Ed Cota, the guys who got beaten up in Chapel Hill weren't
satisfied with the mediation attempt
. Negotiations are not done, but if
things don't work out, they're probably back in court.