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Conventional Wisdom Revisited

It's really amazing when you think about it. Duke lost four first round draft
picks, a solid senior in Taymon Dozmalski, and an unhappy big man in Chris
Burgess, who transferred to Utah. Doom and despair was predicted. Yet at
the banquet/celebration last spring, Coach K, still hobbled by surgery, stood up
and said these words. "We're gonna be ok. In fact, we're gonna be damn

Seemed like brave words at the time to some, but now, to others, they seem
prophetic. Dave DeWitt has a column up where
he re-picks the ACC
with Duke first, as
does Andy Katz over on ESPN.

You can count the number of coaches who could pull this off on a hand with
less than five fingers. Coach K would be one, Pitino another, and past that, it
gets pretty hazy.