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More International E-Mail! (Sort Of)

Hey guys,

Actually, I live in the United States, but have to travel to Italy on a
regular basis because I am finishing my Ph.D. in Roman Art at Emory in
Atlanta. (I actually wrote to you guys last year asking about places to
watch Duke hoops in New Haven because last year and this year I've been
teaching at Yale--though my husband, also a Dukie, and I have a house in

Anyway, the important thing is that whenever I do travel to Italy I take
my computer and use AOL to hook up and I frequently check DBR! This year
Jim (my husband) and I went to Rome for Thanksgiving and we didn't have
to wonder how Duke was doing because we just plugged right in on the

So, though we don't live abroad we frequently take advantage of your
fine reporting when we are abroad as well as at home.

Sincerely yours,


Katrina Dickson (Lah), Trinity '89
Jim Lah, Trinity '85