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Jeff Capel News!

Jeff Capel, DBR Reader & Good Guy

Here's a Jeff Capel
We hadn't heard it but he had gotten very sick for awhile, suffering
from ulcer colitis, and also had back surgery just like his brother Jason.

Fortunately, he's back up and playing again, for the Grand Rapid Hoops of the
CBA, and he's also started a talk show.

We're really happy to hear he is better. The Capel's are good people, and for both sons to have serious medical problems in one year, that's just a lot to handle.

In other Duke/CBA news,
Alaa Abelnaby is recovering from a foot injury
and playing with the Idaho

And a Duke alum responds with the correct medical terminology - thanks Dr.
Sidbury, that'll teach us to cut and paste!

You made a minor medical faux-pas
on the capel story (or i should say repeated an error) although i hadn't
heard anything about capel and was thankful for the update, the condition he
must have is ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory disease of the bowel. as
for "ulcer colitis," there is no such diagnosis. they are two separate
medical problems.

Cheers. rs (B.S. '85, M.D. '93)