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DBR Haywood Watch!

DBR Haywood Watch
Player Height Rebs Opp
Haywood, UNC 7-0 13 Howard
Lang, UNC 6-11 2 Howard
Boozer, Duke 6-10 5 W&M
Capel, UNC 6-8 3 Howard
Battier, Duke 6-8 5 W&M
Dunleavy, Duke 6-8 9 W&M
Peppers, UNC 6-6 6 Howard
Holliway, Howard 6-5 4 UNC
James, Duke 6-5 7 W&M
Morris, Howard 6-2 8 UNC
Williams 6-2 8 W&M
Mitchell, Howard 6-0 4 UNC

Here's the latest DBR Haywood Watch!  An interesting game in some
aspects - for one, Haywood put together his first back to back double-doubles
(after having solid numbers against Louisville).

However, this game has some asterisks. For one, Howard was 0-8 coming in (and
0-9 going out).  For another, some of their key players coming into the
season either are injured, didn't play, or aren't on the roster for some reason,
among them point guard Ali Abdullah, 6-8 big man Garret McCormick, and 6-6 Dante Lincoln.  

There is a 6-10 guy on their roster,  Nick Dodson - but he weighs

So this is a team which, after a 6-10, 190 freshman, had no one taller
than 6-5, and which has gone 2-34 in the last 36 games.

That's not the case for Louisville, though, where Haywood put together a
double double also, when the rest of his team struggled.

However, Louisville's roster isn't much bigger, or at least their significant
contributors aren't.. They run 6-9, 6-9, two 6-8 guys, and everyone else is
under 6-6. Tobiah Hopper, at 6-9, isn't much of a factor. Their other 6-9 guy is
averaging 5.7 ppg.

6-8 Tony Williams is a significant factor, but 6-8 Hajj Turner is averaging
1.6 ppg.

  • Against Indiana, Haywood shot 7-8 with 6 free throws.
  • In the Louisville game, Haywood shot 5-5 from the floor with no free
  • Against Howard, he went 8-12 with 6 free throws.

In the last three games, Haywood is shooting 80%  averaging 17 ppg, and
9.3 rebounds per game. By any standards, that's pretty good, particularly the
field goal percentage.  Are we about to enter the Age Of Brendan?