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ACC Roundup

Bill Guthridge has a problem, as we mentioned the other day - now that Lang
is ready to play a bit more, and to start,
either Forte or Owens has to sit.
Max Owens is on record already saying he
expects to start, that he's worked hard and deserves it. But Forte wants to
start, too. Good thing UNC never overrecruits! How Gut manages this
will be very interesting. Chemistry is a delicate factor, but in many ways the
critical one.

Speaking of UNC, the women's team
is about to debut their new unis,
and Sylvia Hatchell had the following,
unintentionally hilarious quote: "I didn't realize it at the time, but one of the original designs Nike sent me is the one that the men are wearing right
now. That's the first one I eliminated."

Also, Chris Meyers of Fox lists his candidates for the Wooden Award, and Ed
Cota is at the top of his list.

In Maryland, Gary Williams
is pushing his guys to be more intense
. He thinks they're too nice, though
football QB Calvin McCall (who is probably the first ACC basketball player with
dreadlocks incidentally) has revved up the intensity.
Mike Mardesich
is a guy who usually can bring a bit off the bench. His
performance against UNC as a freshman as super. Unfortunately his
intensity has backfired as often as it has helped, but he seems to be on the
right track.

Incidentally, check out his majors - international business, marketing
and logistics, and transportation. Think this guy has a game plan? Now that's
pretty intense.