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From The Mailbag!

Some e-mail commentary about the end of the game!

Hey guys. Don't know if you've had a chance to watch the tape, but the
replays they showed after the end of regulation clearly showed (at least to
my biased eyes) Inge grabbing Boozer's waist and arm and pulling him about
3-5 feet out from the lane, opening up a path for the offensive board.

It would have been a very tough spot to make that call, one that would have
clearly decided the game, but the foul was so blatant and obvious that it
probably should have been made.

Just my $0.02. What a game! I'm starting to rethink my earlier comments
that I'd rather have close games than blowout after blowout-I'm not sure how
much more of this I can take. If this is Coach K's best coaching job ever,
I don't know what is...




Just read your summary on last night's game. Add me to the growing list of
DBR fans who really enjoy the stuff you guys put out. Especially great are
your recaps of what goes on in Cameron during the game, the interaction with
players, etc. (On the tube, we can't always recognize the chant, so your
comments are not wasted!) There are so many of us who can't get tix, we
really appreciate a not-to-biased view from inside the house.

Reed Spangler, '73

p.s., you mentioned the play, but did not explain how someone can catch a
ball, come down with it, go back up and release it, all in 0.8 seconds! Is
that possible? You were too kind to the officials, who probably made
another huge error!


In your commentary on last night's game, you need to
change the line about Inge fouling on the last intentionally missed FT by

He didn't pull Battier back, but grabbed Boozer and pulled him away from the
basket. IMHO, Boozer could have easily blocked Williams' shot, but alas he
was being pulled by Inge in the opposite direction!