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From The Mailbag!

We always get the coolest mail. Here's three from today. Thanks! Keep Those Cards & Letters Coming!

Hey guys,

One of your loyal Wolfpack readers chiming in about the up coming game tonight.
The one "stat" that will be mentioned alot tonight is Duke's assault
on the record for most consecutive ACC wins, which NC State currently holds at
"27". The funny thing is NC State actually beat a total of 33
consecutive ACC teams during that stretch (3 wins in the ACC tourneys of '73 and
'74). If you recall Duke lost in the title matchup with UNC in '98.

I feel the media is doing a snow job on the general populace by attempting to
compare the two streaks. NC State is a genuine streak in which the Pack beat any
and every ACC team that it played against, while Duke's is only a streak by
stipulating that only regularly scheduled ACC league games are accepted.


I'd like to think my Pack will win tonight, but y'all are looking VERY VERY
tough...we are gonna need quite a few career performances to have a shot at a W
tonight....but look out when you come to the ESA =)

-jeff price


A slight mistake in my earlier e-mail regarding NC State's "33" game winning

The streak STARTS Dec 15th, 1973 in a Big Four game win against Wake and
ends with a "Big Four" loss against Wake on Jan 3rd, 1975. These are 4
straight wins in the "Big Four", 4 straight wins in the ACC tournament and
25 straight wins in regular season ACC games.

Interestingly enough the time span of the "27" game streak cited by the
popular media includes an ACC tournament loss to Duke in March of '72.

Including ALL games against ACC foes, Duke holds second place with 28
straight games during a stretch from '63-'64.

The current Duke team has 23 straight wins against ACC teams.

If the streak does not fit, you must acquit.



In response to your recruiting article. Clark "in the dark" Francis is an idiot and should have never rated the Iowa State class ahead of Duke's, but you did make one BIG mistake. One of ISU's recruits in that class goes by the name of Marcus Fizer and is averaging a mere 21 pts, 8 boards for the 'clones this year. Not too bad for someone who "didn't make an impact". Fizer is the 2nd best in the Big 12 only to Chris Mihm. Other than Fizer, only forward Martin Rancik remains from that recruiting class as Floyd left for the Bulls.

I don't disagree with you, but thought Fizer should be pointed out. I'll be a freshman at Duke next year, but grew up in IA. That's how I knew about Mr. Fizer. Great page and GO DEVILS!